Diving Timing and Preparation for Abundance.

How sweet is it to know that when we plant seeds, in due season, we will reap the harvest of what we planted? My heart lights up at that very thought! There are seasons in our life where we can quickly plant seeds of vision, kindness, love, peace, and other fruitful seeds because things are well or the vision is clear. But, what about when you cannot see the vision and God wants you to rely solely on the promise of planting the seeds and reaping the harvest at the divine time on his calendar. It may not be as easy to plant those seeds, you know? You may need a little more motivation to be kind, peaceful, loving, patient, and even to see a clearer vision. These are the seasons where the most fruit is planted. In Jeremiah 29:5, God shares “Build houses and dwell in them, plant gardens and eat their fruit.” This is clear instruction for preparing in uncertainty. He shows us how to find comfort in the seasons where there is not much success and fireworks to sustain our ego. In the challenging seasons of your life, God has the opportunity to shape character and enhance vision (his divine will for your life). I think there is some patience brewing in this season!

In Ecclesiastes 3, we are reminded that there is a season for life’s circumstances. For example, God tells us that there is a time to sow and a time to reap. I believe that this is such a sweet reminder because it could sometimes feel as though our sowing may be in vain. I wonder what seeds have you planted that you are waiting to reap the harvest of. Perhaps you have planted seeds in your family/marriage, job/career, business/vision, finances, health, or community. Has it seemed as if life was passing you by? I am here to reiterate that there is a divine date on the calendar, where God has your harvest prepared. Since our God is the master of time and is all-knowing , he knows when we grow impatient. He also knows that we live in a world where the temporary pleasures are easily accessible. So, he wants us to manage the “waiting period” of our dry seasons. The beauty in growing patience is the ability to continue planting seeds in the belief that Jireh ( God of provision) will meet all of your needs, even when you cannot see it.

I remember praying years ago about things that are actually manifesting today. Just because we plant fruitful seeds does not mean that we will receive immediate reward- but the promise will be greater than the wait. Get ready to reap your harvest! 😉


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