Deeply Rooted & Spiritually Well.

Psalm 3:1 states “He/She will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season; it’s leaf do not wither; And in whatever he/she does, he/she prospers [and comes to maturity]” -Amplified Version.

This text is so fitting as this year comes to a close. In this scripture, God is simply implying that when we believe in Him by trusting and leaning solely on His guidance, we will prosper in all that we do. Have you ever been in a season that caused you to be shaken off of fertile ground? Well, I’ll raise my hand because I surely have. This season has been a testament of my actual faith and trails to triumph. When life is smooth sailing, there is no need to put on a life jacket but when the storms of life appear (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually), we need the most secure life jacket and the most skilled lifeguard. Well at least that’s what we think, but the real answer is that we need to be deeply rooted in our belief. As I was writing, the illustration of the exit plans that are located in our jobs, schools, and homes appeared. It’s almost as if we are secure because the plan is mapped out and we can view it if chaos arrives. It gives us a sense of being grounded and feeling safe. When I’m grounded, I am at my best! But, this season has caused me to reevaluate my perception of being grounded and implement a exit plan. Yes, like the same exit plans that are stated above. I implemented a way of thinking that will allow me to remain like a tree that is planted, leaf still, and able to bear fruit even in the chaotic times. I believe that as humans, it is our first nature to need safety/security. Blame it on Maslow’s Hierarchy- haha. But, seriously, we are created with a natural need for safety. He knows us so well and understand!

God’s love was so sweet to me in this season of healing and getting me back grounded. He guided every step. I panicked not being able to hear His sweet whispers and clear direction. He continued to remind me where it started, which was in His presence. He reminded me that His peace is above my understanding and that I felt most safe when fear wasn’t near. He reminded me that being grounded in His love and word is where the healing is located. He reminded me that I couldn’t figure this season out but I could trust Him. My sweet father reminded me of the promises that will never leave.

He reminded me that He is the healer and my exit plan when chaos arrives. I should run to Him and not my idea of safety. The world has a way of having us to view trials as a threat because its the farthest thing from being grounded. God’s sweet love allows us to know that trials could either be a lesson or a blessing. He wants to push us to a place of spiritual maturity. It is in this very vulnerable place where He can perform His work. Its where we will either sink or swim. It’s a place of discomfort that forces us to operate from spirit and not flesh. It’s where true healing is discovered. Healing of who we once were and a constant discovery of who He wants us to be.

– Healing Is Her


One thought on “Deeply Rooted & Spiritually Well.

  1. This blessed my soul! I love how God will allow trials to come our way but it’s only for our good. Bad situations just force us to break through and become who God has created us to be 🙌🏾 Thank you for sharing this ❤️

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